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Claudio Vallejo, CEO & Founder of INTELVID and Co-founder of Tradesfere, is a multifaceted expert in the Chilean wine industry with a passion for innovation and data-driven insights. Alongside his contributions to the wine sector, Claudio has co-founded and led several successful ventures in related industries.

In 2013, Claudio co-founded Probulkwine, a platform that connects wine producers and buyers, facilitating trade and promoting the bulk wine market. Expanding his entrepreneurial reach, in 2015, Claudio co-founded Cafetum, a company dedicated to promoting high-quality coffee and fostering sustainable practices within the industry.

As a testament to his versatility and leadership, Claudio further diversified his portfolio by co-founding and taking the helm as CEO of in 2017. is a comprehensive platform that offers an array of services and tools for wineries, distributors, and consumers to better navigate the wine market.

In 2020, Claudio co-founded Tradesfere, a company committed to making international trade more accessible and transparent. With a mission to easily understand the world of trade through Tradesfere's universe of data, the platform provides users with valuable information and insights to facilitate informed decision-making in global commerce.

Interest: Data Analysis, Business Intelligence, Trade Business, Wine, Oenology, Viticulture, Programming & Photography.

Graduated agronomist engineer
Chilean Wine Corporation - Project manager
Rodrigo Alvarado & Associates - CCO
INTELVID - Founder & CEO
Probulkwine - CoFounder
Cafetum - CoFounder
2017 - CoFounder & CEO
2020 - CoFounder

My latest work

Passionate, professional and trustworthy

Strategic Wine Source

Probulkwine, bring your wine business into the XXIst century! Bulk wine from Chile and Argentina... for now.

Wine Exports Industry

INTELVID aims to be a leader on an integral information provider service, where our basic principle is to build trustful alliances with our customers.

Statistical Data

Development an intelligence system which allows its users access to associated statistical data of wine exports & imports.

Code & Development

Built web applications from the ground up using a modern programming language and MVC frameworks.

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