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I'm involved in many different areas of the Chilean wine industry. His thesis was a complete analysis of the wine export market. He then collaborated in diverse wine projects for CORFO, the Chilean government's production development corporation. After this, he was in charge of generating periodic statistical analyses and information for CHILEVID, an association of producers of fine wines for exportation. He continued to expand his expertise in the wine industry as project engineer for the CorporaciĆ³n Chilena del Vino (Chilean Wine Corporation).

I'm also undertaken private ventures in the wine industry. His academic and professional experience in conjunction with his experience as an entrepreneur have given him a keen understanding of the value of opportune, accurate, and reliable information for Chilean wine producers. This insight led him to create the Wine Export Industry Intelligence Modular System in 2005. As a result of a complex process of induction, learning, and improvement, in 2007 this system evolved into today's INTELVID Ltda., a company pioneer in its field, designed to provide the Chilean wine export industry with statistical data.

Interested: Information Systems, Wine Exports, Oenology, Viticulture, Business, Programing & Photograph.

Graduated agronomist engineer
Chilean Wine Corporation - Project manager
Rodrigo Alvarado & Associates - CCO
INTELVID - Founder & CEO
Probulkwine - CoFounder
Cafetum - CoFounder
2017 - CoFounder & CEO

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Passionate, professional and trustworthy

Strategic Wine Source

Probulkwine, bring your wine business into the XXIst century! Bulk wine from Chile and Argentina... for now.

Wine Exports Industry

INTELVID aims to be a leader on an integral information provider service, where our basic principle is to build trustful alliances with our customers.

Statistical Data

Development an intelligence system which allows its users access to associated statistical data of wine exports & imports.

Code & Development

Built web applications from the ground up using a modern programming language and MVC frameworks.

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